WholeCell's Back Market integration automates listing quantity management, order importing, and shipment information exporting between WholeCell and Back Market.

This integration syncs:

  • Inventory quantities (WholeCell → Back Market)

  • Listings (Back Market → WholeCell)

  • Orders (Back Market → WholeCell)

  • Shipments (WholeCell → Back Market)

Enabling the Integration

Enable the Back Market integration from your Integrations Dashboard:

Enter your Back Market API Key (available in the Technical Support area of the Back Market Seller Portal, and referred to as your 'Token') to connect your account. Then go through the options to configure how the integration will behave:

If you're having issues with your Back Market API key, you can get a token on this page (Back Market> 'Support' tab> 'Technical Support' menu). Enter your password on the field, then click on the 'Recover my token' button. You will need to enter that token in WholeCell on your Back Market Integration settings page.

Configuring the Integration

Order Import

Enabling Order Import will automatically import any open orders from your Back Market account. This may take a few minutes to complete. After the first import, WholeCell will begin automatically importing any new Back Market orders.

Product Variations

You can choose between mapping your Back Market listings to your Product Variations or SKUs in WholeCell. SKUs are a property of Product Variations, and multiple Product Variations can share the same SKU in WholeCell if you have SKU Uniqueness disabled.

If you want your Back Market listings to be mapped to multiple Product Variations (helpful if you want to map several different grades/conditions in WholeCell to one grade in Back Market) then select Match via SKU.

Organization Type

When Back Market orders are automatically imported, WholeCell can use either the customer's name from the shipping address that is sent from Back Market (the Shipping Name) or it can use an automatically generated customer in WholeCell named "Back Market" (the Channel Name).

This choice depends on how you want to be able to search and filter your sales orders within WholeCell. If you want to be able to search for a customer's name to find their order, choose Shipping Name here. Otherwise if you want to keep your orders a bit cleaner and you're OK finding orders by the Back Market transaction number, you can choose Channel Name.

Order Statuses

You need to map Back Market's order statuses to your WholeCell order statuses for orders to be imported. If you want to create new order statuses in WholeCell for this, you can do that on the Order Statuses Settings Page.

Sales order statuses in WholeCell are controlled by the actions that you take in Back Market. Changing the order status in WholeCell won't affect the status in Back Market.

Inventory Quantity Sync

Enabling Inventory Quantity Sync will automatically update the quantities of your Back Market listings based on the calculated quantities* of associated Product Variations or SKUs in WholeCell.

* Calculated Quantity = Available Quantity - Outstanding Quantity

Listing Import

WholeCell can import Back Market listings that are actively online or ALL of them (including the ones that are out of stock and inactive).

Online listings are the ones that are active and in stock. On your Back Market dashboard, you can see how many of them there are.

Importing Your Back Market Listings

Once the integration is turned on and your account is connected you can sync your Back Market listings to WholeCell from the Listings tab:

As you sell in Back Market and fulfill orders in WholeCell, you will see your listing quantities adjust. Note that they will sync when they have changed in quantity since the last update. Calculated Quantity is updated when:

  • more of a product is added to inventory

  • any "open" orders are created with that product as an order item

Mapping your Back Market listings

Once you've imported your Back Market listings, clicking on any listing title will take you to a page where you can see if the listing is mapped correctly to a Product Variation or SKU.

In the screenshot below, this integration is configured with Product Variations: Match via SKU. This listing has a SKU that is not recognized in WholeCell. To map this listing, the SKU "BMTESTSKU1" would need to be added to at least one Product Variation.

In this next screenshot, the integration is configured with Product Variations: Choose Specific Product Variations. This listing is not yet linked to a Product Variation, but it can be linked by clicking '⚠ Product not set!':

After clicking '⚠ Product not set!':

Choosing a Product Variation or having a matching SKU for a listing SKU in WholeCell is required if you want to enable Inventory Quantity Sync.

Syncing Orders and Shipments

As you receive orders on Back Market they will be automatically created in WholeCell. Make sure to validate your orders in Back Market and then add shipping information to them in WholeCell when you fulfill and ship them. If you add shipment information to a Back Market order before validating it in Back Market, the shipment information will not sync from WholeCell to Back Market.

If you are also using the ShipStation integration and you create a shipment in ShipStation, the tracking number will be systematically imported to WholeCell and then later to Back Market; Shipstation tracking number → WholeCell → Back Market.

**WholeCell will not be able to sync orders to ShipStation if your sales channels don't exactly match (case sensitive) the channel names that the integration uses -- like "Backmarket", in this case. Changing these channel names will prevent the sync from working.

Troubleshooting Back Market Sync Issues

  • The listing quantities are not being updated

    • Has the listing been imported to WholeCell?

    • Is the listing connected?

    • Is the 'Enable Quantity Sync' box checked?

  • If an order comes in and shows "Unknown SKU", check:

    • Are there matching SKUs in both Back Market and WholeCell?

    • Have all of your listings been imported to WholeCell?

  • If your orders are not coming in to WholeCell, check:

    • Is the 'Enable Order Import' box checked?

  • Shipment information is not syncing to Back Market.

    • Was the order validated in Back Market before the shipment was added?

  • Sales order status is not sticking (they unexpectedly change to other statuses)

    • Check the order status mapping on the Back Market settings page in WholeCell. When this happens, it's usually a case where the Back Market order status is mapped to an "incorrect" WholeCell sales order status.

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