Making changes to inventory via a spreadsheet upload is quick and easy. For this example, we want to make changes to these six devices tagged with the damage 'NB'. At the same time, since we will be making a bulk update, let's use the opportunity to update the variant, the capacity, and the colors of the iPhones since these ones are 'Unknown'.

Start by clicking on 'Process Batches' in the WholeCell sidebar. Then click on the blue button '+New':

For this example, we will "process" and make changes to the devices that are tagged with 'No Boot' damages. Hence we'll name this process batch "Repairing No Boot". Since we are actively working on these, we'll use the 'Processing' status. The status is for operational tracking and doesn't affect the inventory we add.

On this page, we'll upload a spreadsheet to change the tagging 'No Boot' on damages to no damages (blank), then specify the variant, capacity, and colors of the phones. Click on 'Upload Spreadsheet' on top.

On this page, download the spreadsheet template and fill it out with the updates you'd like to make.

NOTE: There are times when you may not have the ESNs of the items you want to update. Just make sure that the 'ID' is always present in the spreadsheet that you will upload. This will be used as the identifier for the item/s that you want to update.

Here's how ours looks for this update:

Now you can drag-and-drop your update spreadsheet onto the blue box in the middle of the page. In this case our spreadsheet has both the item ESNs and IDs. We could identify the items by either value, but for example sake we've chosen ESN. Click on the following boxes on the right --- 'Variant', 'Capacity', 'Color', 'Damages' -- to update these attributes in WholeCell based on the new specifications in the spreadsheet. Hit the 'Upload' button once you're ready.

Having issues with your spreadsheet? Follow these tips to prevent spreadsheet upload errors.

When the upload is done, you'll see this.

When you search for the ESNs, they now show the changes that we've made. Look, no more damages!

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