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Fulfillment Best Practices

Fulfilling eCommerce Orders on a Monday Kind of Day

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Do you have a backlog of orders to fulfill? No worries. Here's a recommended workflow to efficiently fulfill them in WholeCell and ship them using ShipStation.

1. Order creation from the channel and flow to ShipStation

Orders are created from the eCommerce channel and then imported into WholeCell. From WholeCell, the order items get exported to ShipStation. Example below:

2. Creating the pick list in ShipStation from multiple orders:

You have the option in ShipStation to check multiple orders and create one pick list for all of them. If in the ShipStation settings page in WholeCell,, choose 'Order Items'.

Then in ShipStation, once the orders have been synced select the ones that you want to work on, and choose 'Pick List' on the 'Print' options.

3. Commit the items in WholeCell.

You can use the Bulk Commit feature as you will have the order numbers on the pick list that you printed from ShipStation.

  1. Type the order number from the pick list. If you have a pick list or a packing slip that has the barcode for the order number, you can scan it into that field too. The order summary will be displayed below.

  2. Scan the item/s

  3. If you have more orders to fulfill, repeat the process above.

4. Print the shipping labels in ShipStation.

Remember to do number 3 first before this step. Doing step 3 before 4 can cause an oversell.

  • As soon you print the shipping labels, the shipping tracking number will be imported into WholeCell and WholeCell will export it to the channel

  • Don't forget to actually pack the item and ship. =)

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