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Importing E-Commerce Orders Through ShipStation to WholeCell
Importing E-Commerce Orders Through ShipStation to WholeCell

Import orders from Shopify, Walmart, Amazon, WooCommerce, Newegg, Wish, and more

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If WholeCell doesn't have a native integration with one of your e-commerce sales channels you can still import orders from that channel into WholeCell through ShipStation (if the channel syncs with ShipStation).

Some popular channels this works with are:

  • Shopify

  • ShopifyPlus

  • Walmart

  • WooCommerce

  • Amazon

  • BigCommerce

  • Newegg

  • Wish


  • Rakuten

  • Google

  • Magento

  • Wix

  • Weebly

How it works

  1. When a customer purchases an item on one of the eCommerce marketplaces you sell on, that order will get imported to ShipStation. Note -- you'll need to enable this side of the integration with the marketplaces you sell on.

  2. The order information, including the customer name, customer address, order items, and order channel will be sent from ShipStation to WholeCell.

  3. A new order will be created in WholeCell with the matching customer and order channel

  4. If the SKUs of the imported order items match SKUs you've mapped to product(s) in WholeCell, those products will be added to the order in the appropriate quantities.

  5. If the order item SKUs don't exist in WholeCell, the order item will still be created with the description of the product from your sales channel. You won't be able to commit inventory to the order item until you resolve the mismatch by mapping the SKUs to the correct products on your Product Catalog page in WholeCell. Alternatively, you can simply add the correct product and remove the line item with the unknown SKU.

Note: When you create the shipping labels in ShipStation, the tracking number does not get imported to WholeCell and the order does not move to the 'Shipped' status in WholeCell. To move the order to the 'Shipped' status, you may use WholeCell's sales order status automation, wherein the order can be moved to 'Shipped' when you commit the inventory required.

Enabling the integration

First, you'll need to get your API key and secret, which you can find by visiting ShipStation's website on their settings page: ShipStation > My Profile > API Settings.

To enable the integration in WholeCell, visit Settings > ShipStation Import. Enter your API credentials on this page.

Map your WholeCell order statuses to ShipStation's statuses, then save.

From there, you can import your stores and choose which will be enabled (click on the store once they appear on the page).

The last thing to consider is the customer type that you'd like to import. You can choose to import the customers' details, or to simply create one customer per channel.

Matching SKUs to products

WholeCell can automatically recognize products based off of the SKU that is imported from ShipStation. To set your SKUs in WholeCell, you can visit the Product Catalog and download the CSV. Add your SKUs to the CSV and re-upload it. If you already have order items with unknown SKUs, you can then choose to refresh all of the order items to match their updated SKU by using the dropdown menu on the Product Variations page, or individually on each order.


In case orders are not coming in, check the following:

  • Are the API credentials correct?

  • Is the store imported and shown on the settings page?

  • Is the store showing as enabled?

  • Was there a point in the recent past where your ShipStation account was interrupted due to payment issues or login issues? This may cause ShipStation and WholeCell connection issues.

  • Have you tried using the 'Manual Import' button to see if the order can be imported?

  • If your ShipStation service was recently interrupted and are not able to import orders, contact customer support by clicking on the 'Support' button in WholeCell.

  • Are the orders not coming into WholeCell automatically? If so, in ShipStation, check Integrations > Integration Partners > Webhooks, do you see a webhook listed for WholeCell? If not, reach out to WholeCell support.

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