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Syncing with the Swappa B2B Exchange
Syncing with the Swappa B2B Exchange

Automatically sync selected inventory to Swappa's B2B Exchange Daily

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This integration will automatically sync your inventory (products and quantities) to Swappa's B2B Exchange. Once set up, Swappa will pull your updated inventory quantities periodically from WholeCell. Swappa's B2B Exchange also has a button to initiate a manual inventory sync from WholeCell once integrated.

This integration syncs:

  • Inventory quantities (WholeCell β†’ Swappa B2B Exchange)

  • Orders (Swappa B2B Exchange β†’ WholeCell)


To enable the integration, visit your Integrations Dashboard and click "Get Started" on the Swappa panel:

Then open the "B2B Exchange" tab within the Swappa Integration page:

Clicking the Enable Swappa B2B Exchange Integration button will generate an API key that you'll need to copy and paste on Swappa's website:

Enter your API key in Swappa's Exchange Settings:

Filtering Inventory

You can select which product attributes you want to include when your inventory gets synced with the Swappa B2B Exchange. If you leave these unchecked, only the manufacturer, model, and quantity will be synced.

Finally, pick the inventory statuses that you want to include in the sync:


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