WholeCell's Swappa integration speeds up the process of listing your inventory on Swappa and fulfilling Swappa orders through WholeCell. Once connected you can export inventory items from WholeCell to Swappa as Incoming Inventory. From Swappa's site you can create listings from Incoming Inventory items by adding images and other basic details. When one of your listings sells on Swappa, an order will be created in WholeCell automatically with the correct item(s).

This integration syncs:

  • Inventory items (WholeCell → Swappa)

  • Orders (Swappa → WholeCell)

  • Shipments (WholeCell → Swappa)

Enable the Swappa integration from your Integrations Dashboard:

Enter your Swappa credentials to connect your account. Then choose how you'd like WholeCell to handle your inventory statuses when synced items are listed, approved, sold, or canceled. You can also choose your preferred Order statuses when items are sold, or when an order is canceled by the buyer.

Once the Swappa integration is turned on and your account is connected, you can sync your inventory to Swappa by selecting individual items from any inventory table in WholeCell:

With one or more items selected click the Bulk Actions button and use the List on Swappa option:

Finally, click Export to Swappa on the window that pops up:

The manufacturer, model, variant, carrier, capacity, color, IMEI, SKU, and the list price will be exported to Swappa's Incoming Inventory page.

Once the export is complete, you can log into Swappa and see the inventory you've just synced from WholeCell on their Incoming Inventory page.

Here's Swappa's How-To article on using their Incoming Inventory page: https://swappa.com/blog/how-to-use-swappa-incoming-inventory/

From here you'll need to edit the item to map any unknown product attributes and upload images to complete the listing:

When your listing sells on Swappa, the order will be automatically generated in WholeCell for you to fulfill. The sale price of your item on Swappa will be imported as the sale price for the inventory in WholeCell. This price does not include any Swappa fees that were added to the transaction, or PayPal fees that were charged.

If you have auto-commit turned on, the inventory item will automatically be committed to the order. Note that this only works for listings created from your WholeCell exported inventory.


If you are using our ShipStation integration and you create a shipment in ShipStation, the tracking number will be automatically imported to WholeCell and then to Swappa; Shipment tracking number → WholeCell → Swappa:

However, if the tracking number is added on Swappa, it will not get imported to the WholeCell sales order.

**Make sure to create a Sales Order Channel named "Swappa" from your WholeCell Settings and enable this channel to sync with ShipStation. Otherwise, your Swappa orders will not export from WholeCell to ShipStation.

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