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Reusely Integration (previously
Reusely Integration (previously
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This integration was developed by Reusely (formerly ''). Please contact them if you need support related to your reusely account and its connection to WholeCell.


The reusely integration automatically imports trade-in devices by creating a new Purchase Order and inventory in your WholeCell account.


For this integration you'll need to create an API App in WholeCell here: Click on the blue 'New' button at the top right of the page.

Reusely will need access to your Purchase Orders and Inventory for the integration to function properly. Make sure to enable all access for those properties when you create the API app:

Once you save the API Application, click on its title and view the details here:

You'll need to fill out our API Application Approval Request form before your API keys are active. API ACCESS WILL NOT WORK UNTIL YOU SUBMIT THIS FORM AND IT IS APPROVED.

Use the responses in the screenshot below and contact our support team on live chat once you have submitted this application:

The remainder of this setup will take place in your portal. Copy your API App ID and App Secret from here and use these values in the portal settings page for the WholeCell integration.

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