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Connecting WholeCell to Shopify
Connecting WholeCell to Shopify
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WholeCell connects to Shopify using three apps developed by SyncX:

  • Stock Sync (for exporting SKUs & Quantities from WholeCell to Shopify)

  • Exportible (for importing Sales Orders into WholeCell from Shopify)

  • FulfillSync (for exporting shipment information from WholeCell to Shopify)

We've worked with the SyncX team directly to create WholeCell-templates within their apps to make setup a breeze.

Stock Sync

You'll need to create an API App in WholeCell from the API Apps Settings Page for credentials that you'll use to connect to this data feed in Stock Sync.

Create an API App by clicking on the "New" button from this page:

Name your app "Shopify Stock Sync". Then make sure the app has all permissions enabled for the Sales Orders, Stock Levels, and Shipments endpoints. Then hit save:

Once saved, the WholeCell team needs to approve your API App. Contact us on our live chat or email us at and we'll expedite the approval process.

The Stock Sync Feed will not work correctly until your WholeCell API Application Form has been approved.

When your API Application has been approved, you'll see a green Approval banner like this:

Now you can add the Stock Sync app to your Shopify store and begin configuring it:

In this video I do not explain how to filter for inventory statuses. You can see how to do this in my screenshots below:

Once Stock Sync is installed, click "Create New" in the sidebar, then click the blue arrow button on the "Update" section:

On the following page, search for "wholecell" from the available supplier templates:

On the first step, enter your WholeCell API App credentials and the inventory statuses you want to be counted from:

This is similar to WholeCell's other eCommerce integrations where you can choose which statuses to count inventory from. If you just want to use "Available" - put that into the field. If you want to count multiple statuses, separate them with a comma like this: "Available, Ecommerce, Repair". This field is case sensitive.


When you receive new Shopify orders, you need to get them into WholeCell so that WholeCell can reduce your SKU quantities correctly on other channels. The Exportible app will export your Shopify orders to WholeCell.

Once you have the Exportible Shopify App installed, create a new feed:

Rename the feed to "WholeCell Order Export" (just to make things more clear):

Next, click "Filter/Source Settings":

Review the default filter settings. If you want to import current or older orders, you can set Exportible to do that here.

Enable the "Only Export Newer Orders" setting to ensure that duplicate orders aren't imported to WholeCell. Then click "Continue".

On the next page, click on the "Export Via" setting and scroll down to find the "WholeCell" option. Select that and enter your WholeCell API App ID and App Secret in the "Login/Username" and "Password" boxes:

Click "Test Export" to export a single sample order. Then check your Sales Orders page in WholeCell ( to see if it imported. If not and you can't figure out why, contact us for help. If the test order imported, click "Save".

Lastly, set up your Exportible scheduler to run automatically when you receive a new order in Shopify:

That's it! New Shopify orders should import automatically into WholeCell.

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