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Combining Product Attributes in your Catalog
Combining Product Attributes in your Catalog
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Sometimes you end up with multiple product attributes in your catalog that mean the same thing. ย Like "VERIZON" and "Verizon".

In WholeCell you can combine these attributes at any time, and easily clean up your catalog for displaying to customers and keeping your internal team organized.

1. Identify the attributes you want to combine

Go to Settings > Devices to see your entire product catalog.

Then, choose what you want to combine: Manufacturers, Models, Variants, Networks, Capacities, or Colors.

Here we're going to combine "Verizon" and "VERIZON", so we'll go to Networks

Once we click the checkbox on the two Verizon attributes we want to combine, we'll be able to click the Combine and Edit button at the top of the page:

Now we can type in the correct value that we want these attributes to be combined into.

**Note** - this will update all of our existing inventory in WholeCell as well as our product catalog for adding new inventory.

Once you click Save, the product catalog and all existing inventory with either of the original attributes will be updated in the background! ๐ŸŽ‰

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