After creating an RMA, you can "Receive" the devices in WholeCell once you get them back from your customer. To do that, click on 'RMAs' on the left side of WholeCell, then click the RMA ID in question.

Once you have returned device in hand, click on 'Receive'.

You will be taken to this page, where you can specify the model and condition of the product (in case the customer was returning the device due to a condition or model discrepancy).

At the bottom of the page you can update the grade and condition of this returned product. Click on 'Mark as Received' at the bottom when complete.

Notice that it's now tagged as "Received".

Then if you go to this device's page (by clicking on the ESN or WholeCell ID), you will see the damage specifications and notes that were added from the previous pages. Notice that the status has been updated to 'Unavailable'.

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