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Ecommerce Listing Synchronization Lifecycle
Ecommerce Listing Synchronization Lifecycle
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In WholeCell's ecommerce integrations (currently Swappa, Back Market, and eBay), listings go through several stages of synchronization. This is a specific detail of those stages.

A few values you'll want to know are:

  • last_calculated_quantity - The available stock quantity that WholeCell calculates by subtracting your outstanding quantity on open orders from your available quantity of a particular SKU.

  • last_synced_quantity - The last quantity that was synced from WholeCell to an ecommerce listing.

  • last_imported_quantity - The quantity of a listing on an ecommerce channel the last time that WholeCell imported updates about that listing.

Listing Synchronization Stages:

Import Listings

Happens when:

A user presses the "sync listings" button for the first time


Listings are imported from the ecommerce channel. Listings will not initially have values for last_calculated_quantity or last_synced_quantity.

Refresh Listings

Happens when:

Listings have already been imported to WholeCell and a user presses the "sync listings" button again.


This updates the last_imported_quantity, the title, and description of all imported listings. It will also import any new listings that have been created on the ecommerce channel since the last refresh.

Calculated Quantity Update

Happens when:

Every 10-20 minutes for all listings that display as connected in WholeCell.


The last_calculated_quantity field for each connected listing is updated to the current stock level in WholeCell.

Listing Synced

Happens when:

Every 10-20 minutes WholeCell attempts to update listing quantities on their ecommerce channels. WholeCell determines a listing quantity should be updated if the listing is connected and the last_calculated_quantity is different from the last_imported_quantity or last_synced_quantity.


For each connected listing WholeCell makes a request to the ecommerce channel to update the listing quantity.

If the request is successful, the last_imported_quantity and last_synced_quantity of the listing (in WholeCell) are updated to the same value as the last_calculated_quantity.

If the request fails and the ecommerce channel did not update successfully, WholeCell does not update the last_synced_quantity or last_imported_quantity. WholeCell will re-attempt to update the listing quantity on the ecommerce channel in the next update cycle in 10-20 minutes.


The "Last refreshed at..." date and time stamp on the listings page show the listing's last import date and time. It doesn't refer to any listing or quantity changes. If auto-import is turned on, it gets set on every 20-minute cycle. If it is not turned on, it will show the last date and time the 'Sync Listings' button is clicked.

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