**WholeCell's Sellbrite integration is not available by default. Please contact us via live chat support if you would like to use the Sellbrite integration.

The Sellbrite integration allows you to keep your available inventory quantities synchronized across many eCommerce channels. WholeCell updates Sellbrite every few minutes with changes to your available inventory and Sellbrite sends those changes to all of the channels you have listings on. When customers order your products, those orders come through Sellbrite and are created in WholeCell automatically with the correct item(s) for fulfillment.

This integration syncs:

  • Products (Sellbrite → WholeCell)

  • Available inventory quantities (WholeCell → Sellbrite)

  • Orders (Sellbrite → WholeCell)

  • Shipments (WholeCell → Sellbrite)


Your Sellbrite products are associated with WholeCell product variations via the SKU. Matching SKUs will have their inventory quantity levels updated, and automatically create matching WholeCell order items when orders are imported. WholeCell cannot update inventory quantity levels for product variations that do not have a SKU, or whose SKU does not exist on Sellbrite.

To add SKUs to your products in WholeCell, see the Setting Your Product Variations and SKUs article.


Open orders are imported from Sellbrite every few minutes. WholeCell will not import shipped orders from Sellbrite - it is important to fulfill orders through WholeCell instead. The order import will create orders that do not yet exist, and update order statuses as described below.

Order Statuses

On the Sellbrite integration settings page, you can select WholeCell order statuses that apply to the different states of an order. When orders are created for the first time, the below diagram is used to decide what order status should be applied.

WholeCell will update orders that have been canceled from any status to the canceled status that you select on the integration settings page. WholeCell can only detect canceled orders from the last 7 days. If an order is awaiting payment for longer than 7 days you will need to cancel it manually in WholeCell if it gets canceled in Sellbrite.

WholeCell will also detect when unpaid orders become paid, and update the status accordingly.


When a shipment is added to an order in WholeCell, it will be exported to Sellbrite and then Sellbrite will export it to the channel (review Sellbrite's help articles for more information). Marking an order as "Shipped" in WholeCell will not mark it as shipped in Sellbrite or on the channel because additional shipment information is required.

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