Once your customer has paid for their order, it's time to commit specific inventory items to fulfill the order.

Go to the customer's sales order and click the blue '+' button on top and then choose 'Commit Inventory'.

Here you can commit specific devices using ESNs, Hex IDs, by scanning devices that you have on-hand, or by selecting them from your inventory list.

For our example, since our order is for 500 items, it will be easiest to add by ESN or Hex ID. We've pasted them in as you see in the screenshot below, then hit 'Next'.

On the next page, you'll see a summary of what you have added. Hit 'Save' on this page.

Notice that we have completed the requirements of the order.

On the Inventory tab, you can now see the devices that we have committed for the order, either in 'Grouped' view or 'Individual' view.

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