To start an RMA, click on the + New button from the RMAs page.

Select the customer that's submitting the RMA and click Save.

Adding Devices

Add devices to the RMA by clicking the + button:

Choose whether the devices you're adding are going to be returned by the customer or kept by the customer and partially refunded.

You can add both types of devices to a single RMA, but only one type can be added at a time.

We'll choose Returning for these devices.

Paste the list of ESNs or IDs of the devices your customer wants to return.

WholeCell will prevent you from adding devices to an RMA if they were not sold to the customer that the RMA has been created for.

Next you can enter reasons and refund amounts for each device:

Once devices have been added you may want to update the RMA status.  If your customer is shipping their devices back to you, you can leave the RMA open and come back to it once they arrive.

Receiving Devices

You can receive devices one-by-one or in bulk using the checkboxes and Bulk Actions menu on the left:

Receiving devices one-by-one will allow you to update each device's Grade and Damage Conditions, and print the device's new inventory label.

Financially Resolving the RMA

Once all returned devices have been received, you can resolve the RMA by clicking on the $ button.

Choose between Refund or Credit options.

If you've issued the customer a refund to settle the RMA, record its details in the pop-up window.

You can also use credits to resolve the RMA.  Credits will be available to apply to future invoices for your customer.

Once resolved, the refund history will show on the RMA page:

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